Red Barn Applications


We at the Kirksville Arts Association invite everyone to get involved in this year’s Red Barn Festival! We have run this event for 45 years and counting, and we encourage anyone who is interested to apply.

Download the Application and Brochure Here

2 thoughts on “Red Barn Applications

  1. Hello,
    I am Bridgett Hunt from 2 Yellow Dogs Boutique. I am interested in your red barn arts and crafts event on September 21. I make handmade jewelry, farmhouse towels, wine and mugs. Please let me know if you have an application available.

    1. Absolutely, applications are available! If you visit, and hover your mouse of the tab that says “Red Barn”, there will be a category called “I Want to Show.” If you click that category, you can either fill out an application form online, or you can visit our downloads page to download a pdf of the application to print out and mail in to the specified address.

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