About Us

In December of 1995, two groups joined forces to become the Kirksville Arts Association: The Red Barn Community Art League was founded in 1973
, with the focus of hosting an annual arts festival. Later, the Kirksville Regional Arts Council was founded — this had more of a focus on other arts activities, such as arts education. The merging of these two great forces is what brings you the Kirksville Arts Association as it’s known today. This merging helped both organizations support more programs, and to reach more people of our local community.

Today, the Kirksville Arts Association prides itself on celebrating, fostering, and sharing the arts! We do this in many ways, from our annual Red Barn Arts Festival, our free Summer on the Square concert series, to holding various workshops and art exhibits! Kirksville is a wonderful community, and we are proud to help uplift our artists and give them platform to share their crafts.

Learn more about the KAA via our History page!