Tile Making Project

There is an opportunity for the community to add to the mosaic mural that was recovered from the fire that will be added to the new arts center.
Individuals or groups can stop by the Kirksville Art Association Gallery, on Baltimore to create a piece to be added to the mural. Community members are asked to contact Judy at kvarts.director@gmail.com or call 660-665-0500 from 9:00am to noon, Monday through Thursday, to reserve their spot for making individual tiles or a collection of tiles if it is a community group.
Jeanne Scott-Zumwalt, local and well known pottery maker, will be overseeing the project while school students and community members make new tiles to add to those salvaged. If anyone is interested in volunteering to work alongside Zumwalt in helping others please contact Judy at karts.director@gmail.com
Please join us and help add to our mural.


Art on the Bricks Call To Artists

Hello Fellow Artists:

I’m sending out this invitation to you for Art House’s Art on the Bricks that is coming up.  We would love for you to consider joining in the fun of our event.

If you are available and wish to register for a booth, you may do so online.  http://arthousefultonmo.org/art-on-the-bricks/

CalltoArtists-flyer2018 (2)

“Art on the Bricks is the winning combination of art, music, local cuisine and a beautiful autumn day. Art House volunteers have been working overtime recruiting regional artists and artisans, as well as local specialty crop producers to make this year’s Art on the Bricks the best ever.



“Plein air” work has a long tradition in the art world, yet is popular among many contemporary artists too. Many of the well known Impressionists painted their subjects directly in an outdoor natural setting, without aid of a photograph or the comfort of a studio. If you forgot your French, dust off that old Larousse and look up plein. Although the word is used in many contexts, it roughly means “full.” The entire expression en plein air means “outdoors.”

Plein air work has evolved into friendly competitions where artists must complete a piece of art within a scheduled time frame. These events can run from one to several days, often with themed or smaller timed events nested within them. Many have a following of artists who travel to several each year.

In the upcoming KAA Plein Air Event, artists must work directly from their outdoor subject (not from a photograph), and complete at least one ready-to-hang piece of work between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM on Saturday, July 28, 2018. Artists may choose a location on the “developed” side of Thousand Hills State Park. Our event will allow any fine art medium that can be completed within the time frame! Artists must be at least 16 years old. Plein air art presents challenges, to be sure, but the constraints level the playing field for all participating artists! Our base will be Shelter #3 at Thousand Hills.

If you are an artist, and would like to get started in plein air events, try ours out! We will assist you in unloading and packing up your equipment, and your fee will include advertising, water and snacks throughout the day, a sack lunch, and light refreshments at the reception in the evening. In advance, we’ll provide a list of suggested equipment that will make your experience go more smoothly. But watch–you just might get hooked!

We welcome volunteers to help get artists checked in, help load/unload equipment, and tend to needs of the artists at their various locations at the park. If you’d like to sign up for a two- hour shift, let us know!

The public is welcome to enjoy watching and interacting with the artists as they work, and everyone is invited to see the finished pieces at the reception in the evening! The reception will be at Shelter #3 at Thousand Hills State Park, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. After the event, the art work will be displayed at KAA’s temporary location on South Baltimore.

For more information or a Call for Artists, you may contact…

Judy Neuweg, Director, KAA, (660)665-0500  or the Visual Arts Committee Members: Maureen McHale (660) 665-6920 or Janet Hawkins (660) 956-4139

For details, visit the Downloads page for printable documents about the Plein Air event.