Get to know More about red barn

Welcome to Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival, a premier outdoor event of celebrating arts, crafts, food, and music on the historic downtown square in Kirksville, Missouri for over 45 years. Our festival strives to attract talented and respected fine artists and crafters, and coincides with Truman State University’s Family Weekend, which brings thousands of visitors from around the country.

Juried Event

The Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival is a juried event. The jury committee selects exhibitors based on standards of excellence in design and execution, with emphasis on originality and uniqueness. This committee has the right to make all final entry selections.

What Qualifies

FINE ARTS: All work must be the original work of the accepted artist. Work must show originality and be made by hand. Items (ceramics, sculpture, glass, or jewelry) from molds or kits may be placed in the crafts category.

CRAFTS: All work must be designed and executed by the accepted crafter. Work should be handcrafted or enhanced creatively or artistically by the exhibitor. Items made by others or items purchased for resale may be removed at the discretion of the committee.

Commercially manufactured items will NOT be accepted.  This includes sublimation on shirts, mugs, etc.


Awards will be presented for “Best of Show,” “First Place Arts,” “First Place Crafts,” and “First Time Exhibitor.” Awards will be based on uniqueness, originality, quality of work, and booth presentation. Additional awards may be presented.

Parking and Safety

Free public parking lots are located one block from the square. A designated handicapped drop-off and pick-up area is accessible to those in need. First aid is available at the information booth located at the corner of Franklin and Washington Streets. The Adair County Sheriff ’s Department is present during the event.

Exhibition Space

Exhibitor spaces are approximately 10’x15’ wide on the street. Spaces are assigned by the jury committee. Artists and crafters must provide all display furnishings such as tables, chairs, display boards, tents, and accessories. If your booth requires a back: please note on your application as booths with backs cannot be placed in front of businesses. Demonstrations by the exhibitors during the festival are encouraged.


Hotel reservations should be made well in advance as it will also be Truman State University Family Weekend.

Procedures and Requirements

A printable brochure and application form can be found at the top of this page or you can pick one up at the Sue Ross Arts Center.

All Red Barn exhibitors must provide Kirksville Arts with a MO Sales Tax Id in advance of the festival. If you exhibited in 2021 no further action is required IF you provided the information. All individuals or exhibitors who are in partnerships can find the application form HERE. If the exhibitor business is a corporation or LLC, use form 2643A and handwrite at top “Special Event”.

All applicants must submit 3-4 color photographs, slides, or digital photographs of work completed within the last year, clearly labeled with the exhibitor’s name and phone number. One must be of the booth presentation, while others should be representative of the work to be exhibited. We reserve the right to use jury photographs or slides for publicity. Items sold must reflect ONLY what is represented on the application form and in supplemental photographs.

Accepted applicants will initially be notified by mail and will receive a map by September indicating the assigned exhibit space. Photographs or slides submitted by accepted applicants will be returned in the Information Packet to be picked up on the day of the festival. Applicants who are not accepted will have their application fee and photographs or slides returned by mail.

NO FOOD ITEMS may be sold in Arts/Crafts booths per Health Department regulations.

FIRST-TIME APPLICANTS need to contact the Kirksville Arts Association if they have additional questions.

To support the Red Barn Arts and Crafts mission, the downtown square is reserved for approved artisans, craftsmen, and selected food vendors only. Due to grant funding, advertising, fundraising, and electioneering activities are not allowed.